Ulster Rugby


Ulster Rugby were the first ever Irish side to win the Heineken Cup. Since then, the club has developed and progressed immensely and boasts many youth teams to support up-and-coming Irish talent.

ON's supplements form a vital part of Ulster's training and nutritional programme. The team take a variety of ON products to help them stay on top of their game on the pitch, and recover quickly and effectively off it. ON products taken on a regular basis include:

What We Use

Jonny Davis, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at Ulster:

"We have implemented a systematic supplement routine within Ulster Rugby and this year moreover than any other year strength and power scores have increased greatly. The strength and recovery supplements that ON offer is fantastic. The range and quality of the products in my experience is superior to that of any other company in the market today."

Jonny Davis, 6 Nutrition tips:

  • 1.) Ensure that fluid intake is enough to meet basic requirements and then the increased requirements of training and a high energy (calorie) intake.
  • 2.) Ensure that overall calorie requirements are enough to meet the demands of training. If this does not happen then the rugby player will have difficulty gaining muscle mass and continuing with a demanding training and match schedule.
  • 3.) The timing of food and fluids are tailored to suit the training schedule so rather than focusing on the traditional “three” meals per day, players work around their training schedule.
  • 4.) Ensure that post match recovery days are adequate in terms of food and fluids. Sometimes players take their foot of the pedal on “down days” but this often results in an overall negative calorie intake for the week and they can come back on a Monday having lost weight.
  • 5.) Tailor the dietary plan to suit the lifestyle and skills of the players. Cooking and shopping education are offered to younger players in the squad who are living away from home and cook for themselves.
  • 6.) Ensure that match day food and fluid intakes are adequate and well timed to suit a variety of match day starts.


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