Lifting Change Up For Baseball

Lifting Change Up For Baseball If you plan on sticking around the game of baseball, an article published in the NSCA's Performance Training Journal suggests giving up on the bench press, dips and upright rows. Because of your shoulder's importance to the throwing motion and this particular joint's unique construction it's more susceptible to injury than ball and socket joints.

Bench pressing can disrupt the scapula's normal biomechanics. Dips and rows can force your shoulder joint to operate outside the typical rage of motion. Substituting the standing cable bench press, cable triceps press down and dumbbell shoulder press can help you avoid injury. How? Gripping a cable or pair of dumbbells frees your hands to independently move within the normal range of motion.

True Strength Moment: A study conducted by the Center for Injury Research and Policy found that 970,000 weight training related injuries were treated in U.S. Hospital Emergency Rooms between 1990 and 2007. That left a lot of athletes riding the bench for a good part of their sport's season. To keep you on top of your game, making smart choices in the gym is just as important as making great plays on the field.
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