Going Strong With Vitamin D

An analysis published in the September 10 Archives of Internal Medicine reviewed 18 randomized controlled vitamin D supplementation trials and found that it may play a role in lowering the risk of death from any cause. Researchers followed up with 57,311 participants after an average time span of 5.7 years. They found that those who took an average vitamin D dosage of 528 IU/d had a 7% lower risk of death. Although the authors said it was unclear how vitamin D supplementation decreased mortality in all cases, they theorized that it may inhibit carcinogenesis (the production of cancer) or boost immune function.

The Bigger Picture. A number of health conditions have been associated with vitamin D deficiency, and this research underscores its importance to the body. You can get vitamin D from moderate sun exposure as well as a variety of foods and supplements including a high-quality multivitamin.
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