Slow Reps Versus Explosive Lifts

Slow Reps Versus Explosive Lifts How does contraction intensity impact your results? According to a study published in The Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness, it depends on how experienced you are at handling barbells and dumbbells.

Researchers recruited 7 weight room regulars and 7 untrained men, all in their early 20s. Several from each group were randomly assigned to perform 3 sets of squats, dumbbell rows, bench presses, lat pulldowns, shoulder presses, arm curls and dips at a approximately 2 seconds per rep. The others stepped up the pace with explosive force.

As you might guess, rates of energy expenditure were greatest for all subjects performing the explosive movements, but the rate remained elevated 5+ minutes post-workout only for trained subjects. The experienced lifters also burned more calories with the explosive movement. That wasn't the case for untrained subjects.

True Strength Moment: From these results, you can conclude that it's best to take your time when just beginning or getting back to a resistance training program. That way, you can more easily focus on maintaining proper form. After you hit a plateau and need to change something in your routine, experiment with explosive movements. You're bound to feel the difference after your first workout.
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