Heart Healthy Burgers

You need your protein for building lean mass, but you could do without all the fat found in most red meat. That leaves skinless chicken breast and fish as two great whole food options. You have those great tasting shakes, of course. But a little more variety would be nice. How about a Buffalo Burger? Health experts praise this growing in popularity menu selection as offering a very desirable ratio of Omega-3/Omega-6 fatty acids. It's also impressively high in protein without all the fat and cholesterol you get in beef.

The Bigger Picture: A typical 100 gram serving of lean cooked American Bison (Buffalo) contains 34.1 grams of protein, 143 calories, 2.42 grams of fat and 82 milligrams of cholesterol. Compare that to the 27.4 grams of protein, 211 calories, 9.28 grams of fat and 86 milligrams of cholesterol found in the same serving of beef.* Buffalo also contains bad-cholesterol-lowering carnitine and has 69% more iron than beef (based in RDA guidelines). Those who know suggest that you cook your buffalo medium-rare with the emphasis on not overcooking.

*According to the USDA
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