Improve Sleep & Daytime Alertness

Improve Sleep & Daytime Alertness It's estimated that 35% to 40% of American adults have problems falling asleep and/or suffer from daytime drowsiness. A study published in the December issue of Mental Health and Physical Activity suggests that 150 minutes of moderate to intense exercise each week can help you conquer both issues.

Researchers analyzed a nationally representative sample of 2,600 men and women aged 18 to 85 and adjusted results for age, BMI and overall health. Those who exercised regularly experienced 65% better sleep quality, were 45% less likely to have trouble concentrating during the day and 68% less likely to be bothered by leg cramps while sleeping.

True Strength Moment: 150 minutes of moderate to intense exercise is what's generally recommended for all adults. Take that effort to the next level by chasing some realistic goals and you could find yourself feeling even better. You'll be surprised at how fast short-term goals translate into noticeable results in the mirror.
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Dec 01, 2011
Is that 150 minutes of moderate to intense exercise per day or per week?
Dec 16, 2011
It says 150 minutes per week.