A Different Abdominal Exercise

A Different Abdominal Exercise You're regularly changing up your weight training routine to keep your muscles confused and adapting to more demanding workouts, but when was the last time you did an abdominal exercise other than crunches or sit ups? An article published online by Men's Health magazine included Kettlebell Mountain Climbers for core development.

Here's what you do: Lay a kettlebell on its side with the grip flat on the floor pointing away from you. Position your body like you're going to start a set of push ups with both hands on the round body of the kettlebell, fingers pointing outward. Bring your right leg in as close to your chest as possible and touch your toes to the floor at the top of the movement. Return to the starting position with both feet behind you and repeat with your left leg.

True Strength Moment: After about 30 second of this climbing action, you might not be looking forward to another new abdominal challenge. But you'll find three more posted under Four For Your Core at Menshealth.com. Trying new and different exercises keeps it real and makes every workout interesting, whatever muscle group you're targeting.
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