Vitamin C For Fighting Fatigue?

Vitamin C For Fighting Fatigue? According to the Nutrition Journal, consuming caffeine isn't the only way to stay alert and energized at the office. To test the fatigue fighting effects of vitamin C, researchers had 141 healthy volunteers, aged 20 to 49, supplement with 10 grams of vitamin C which was delivered intravenously. Compared to a control group, the vitamin helped reduce fatigue and the effect lasted for an entire day.

True Strength Moment: Vitamin C is a well-known antioxidant, but 10 grams is a huge dose. For comparison, one high-potency serving of Opti-Men delivers 300 mg and that's 5-times the recommended Daily Value. Potent but not too potent doses of vitamins and other nutrients consumed throughout the day is a more practical long-term approach to promoting energy, health and fitness.
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