Body Fat Weighs Down Recovery

Body Fat Weighs Down Recovery Whether you're hoisting a stack of plates or swimming laps, a demanding session of exercise is going to elevate your heart rate and leave you winded. According to a study published in the International Journal of Sports Medicine, body fat helps determine how quickly you recover from these conditions.

Fourteen professional cyclists were recruited to perform 30-second all out sprints. After determining levels of body fat, researchers calculated the time it took excess oxygen consumption and heart rate to return to normal. They found that body fat impedes heart rate recovery and delays the return to normal breathing.

True Strength Moment: While it's next to impossible to reduce levels of body fat to zero, professional cyclists are known to be some of the leanest athletes around. How does your waistline compare? If you're starting to let your diet get away from you, this might be the incentive you need to dial in that diet a little tighter.
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