Forearm Training Weakens Ankles

Forearm Training Weakens Ankles Forearms are typically one of the hardest parts of your physique to develop. What this muscle group has in common with easier to train muscles is the way fatigue reduces force production, at least for a while. But what about muscle groups that aren't involved in the effort? According to a study published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology, a demanding forearm workout can take something off your ankle strength.

Volunteers worked a handgrip device at submaximal (30%) and also maximal (100%) levels of muscle contraction. Both conditions decreased handgrip strength by about half during 10 minutes of recovery. That was expected. The interesting part is how this arm workout decreased maximal voluntary contraction in the ankle plantar-flexor muscles. The reduction was around 25% with maximal load and 8% for submaximal effort.

True Strength Moment: How did this happen? Researchers speculate that fatigue from exercise has an effect on the central nervous system. This helps explain why your feet feel like lead after setting new personal bests in upper body exercises. It's a little bit like getting a whole body workout on the day you set aside to train the upper body.
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