No Harm In Diet Do-Overs

No Harm In Diet Do-Overs Regaining weight after reaching a dieting goal isn't uncommon. In fact, within a year, you're more likely than not to regain at least some of the weight you lost. There's been some speculation that this yo-yo effect might negatively impact your ability to lose weight in the future. But a study published in the journal Metabolism comes to the opposite conclusion.

For a period of one year, data was kept on 438 overweight subjects who adhered to one of four different conditions: a reduced calorie diet, regular exercise, diet plus exercise, or the control group that made no lifestyle changes.

Those who stuck with the diet only and diet plus exercise routines ended up losing about 10% of their body weight. Because 18% of these successful dieters had lost 20 or more pounds at least 3 times before, and 24% dropped at least 10 pounds on 3 or more previous attempts, researchers concluded that yo-yo dieting does not inhibit your ability to lose weight again in the future.

True Strength Moment: According to current estimates, about two-thirds of American adults are overweight or obese. The good news is that, right now, nearly half of all American women are actively working toward a weight loss goal. This study suggests that it's never too late to try again.
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