10 Minutes To Better Sleep

10 Minutes To Better Sleep Getting the right amount of sleep is important for anyone, but it's especially crucial to very active individuals who want to realize the muscle size and strength gains that come with complete recovery. Research from the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center offers this ten minute technique that may promote sleep quality.

It's simple, really. Right before going to bed, you mentally visualize a calming place: the beach, deep in the forest, whatever serene environment appeals most to you. During this time, make an effort to breathe slowly and deeply. That's it!

True Strength Moment: Although many people don't realize it, recovery from weight training can take up to 48 hours to complete, and much of the rebuilding takes place while you're asleep. Treat yourself to a slowly digesting Micellar Casein shake then try this ten minute trick to see if you fall asleep quicker and experience less fatigue during the day.
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