Flax Helps Balance Fatty Acids

Flax Helps Balance Fatty Acids In the modern Western diet, the ratio of Omega-3 fatty acids found in seeds, nuts and fish to the Omega-6 fatty acids predominant in vegetable oils and animal fats is approximately 1:15. Back in ancient times, the ratio was closer to 1:1. Research published online by Nutritional Outlook suggests that flax can play a role in bringing this ratio more into balance.

Scientists recruited 173 overweight adults and had them consume regular bread or bread fortified with 30 grams of ground flaxseed for 12 weeks. Blood samples collected at the end of the study period showed flax fortified bread increased levels of omega-3s while decreasing omega-6 fatty acids, even though levels of DHA did not increase.

True Strength Moment: Flax is a rich source of ALA omega-3s which aren't efficiently converted into DHA. The bread's 30 grams of flax translated into 7 grams of ALA. Including more cold water fish and/or olive oil in your diet can increase the amount of DHA omega-3s you're getting. That can help tilt fatty acid ratios even more into balance.
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