Tips For No Spice Seasoning

Tips For No Spice Seasoning Spicing up your food with herbs and condiments is pretty easy, but the addition alters the nutritional profile of what you're eating. A dash here and there might not tip the scale too far in terms of total calories, but the practice can add up fast when you're eating 6 times a day. As an alternative, a study published in the journal Flavour offers some tips on enhancing certain aspects of food with utensil color and plate dimensions.

Your brain associates weight and silver color with quality and expense, so using a heavy silver fork tends to make all foods taste better. You'll consume a smaller portion size, on average, if the color of your plate contrasts with food color. A cold colored glass (blue and purple) makes beverages seem more thirst-quenching while angular plates bring out the bitterness in foods.

True Strength Moment: Tricking your brain into altering the flavor of foods is an unusual concept that might take some getting used to. Try serving sweet-tasting foods on white versus dark plates and see if you notice an increase in sweetness. It's the calorie free approach to satisfying sweet tooth cravings.
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