How Intense Is Your Workout?

How Intense Is Your Workout? You might feel absolutely drained after finishing a session at the gym, but according to a study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research there's a more accurate way to classify the intensity of each of the body weight exercises you perform.

The paper compared the standard measurement of oxygen consumption during exercise to a novel new formula that calculates average oxygen consumption during recovery, and the findings rate push-ups 6.91 on the metabolic equivalent (MET) scale of 1 to 10. Pull ups are more demanding at 8.03 METs and lunges require an effort of 7.52 METs.

True Strength Moment: On a typical MET scale, a rating of 1 is sitting on a couch watching TV. To get to 10, you'd need to be jumping rope. Jogging ranks 7, and most calisthenics rate 8. We have to imagine weight training as reaching somewhere close to the upper limit.
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