Vitamin D3 Versus Vitamin D2

Vitamin D3 Versus Vitamin D2 The type of vitamin D you get from exposure to sunlight is Vitamin D3. Levels of the sunshine vitamin tend to drop off in adults during the winter months, when exposure to sunlight is diminished in most regions.

To see whether members of auto racing pit crews could benefit from supplementation with plant-based vitamin D2 during their off-season weight training, researchers supplemented their diets with 3,800 IU for 6 weeks. Results of the study were reported in the journal Nutrients.

It turns out that vitamin D2 is very different from vitamin D3. In fact, Vitamin D2 supplementation tended to decrease blood levels of vitamin D3. Those who supplemented with vitamin D2 also experienced a greater degree of muscle damage from weight training compared to athletes who received a placebo.

True Strength Moment: While the reasons for this vitamin D trade-off are unclear, this research from Appalachian State University illustrates the importance of reading the facts panels on everything you consume.
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