Testosterone & Timing For Lefties

Testosterone & Timing For Lefties Males born during the winter months of November, December and January are more likely to become left handed research from the University of Vienna suggests. The study, which was published in the journal Cortex, analyzed the hand use preferences of 13,000 German and Austrian adults.

It turns out that 7.5% of women favor their left hand while 8.8% of men are lefties. Factoring in winter-month birthdays elevated the monthly average of left-handed births to 10.5% among men. Scientists explained this wintertime boost in left handedness with a theory that testosterone might delay fetal development of the left brain hemisphere dominant among right handers, and more daylight during Spring, Summer and Fall might increase testosterone levels.

True Strength Moment: Whether you prefer to use your right or left hand, it's interesting to see how naturally produced hormones impact so many different aspects of what it is that makes each individual unique.
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