Creatine Ramps Up Strength & Size

A number of studies have shown that creatine increases muscle size, strength and power. Now a recent study conducted in Belgium provides insight into how and why this supplement works. The secret is in creatine's capacity for increasing the expression and cell signaling of protein kinase B, eukaryotic initiation factor and other genes that play a role in the anabolic response to weight training.

The Bigger Picture: Creatine naturally occurs in meat, fish and other animal-based food products. Eating a typical American diet, you'd probably consume around 1 gram daily. There are 2 strategies for creatine loading fast (20 grams / day for 6 days) and slow (3 to 5 grams / day for 28 days). Both produce about a 20% increase in muscle creatine concentration. Maintenance after the loading phase amounts to around 2 to 5 grams / day. Here's a helpful hint: Consume creatine with simple carbohydrates to maximize utilization.
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Apr 14, 2008
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