Dig Into 75 Serving GLYCOMAIZE

You know all about proteins, essential amino acids and muscle growth. But you still might be missing part of the picture. Carbohydrates refuel and replenish the glycogen that your muscles use for energy during intense training sessions. And, just like proteins, there are fast and slower absorbing carbohydrates. Waxy maize starch and trehalose are two of the best. That's why they're the primary components of our GLYCOMAIZE Waxy Maize Carbohydrate Matrix.

Each scoop provides 35 grams of fast-acting high molecular weight waxy maize starch along with trehalose for intermediate energy that can take you through your workout and help prevent any sugar crash. Patented Carbogen enzymes enhance digestion and utilization so you can use GLYCOMAIZE often without cramping or bloating.

The Bigger Picture: GLYCOMAIZE has training applications for all kinds of athletes, whether you're into strength or endurance workouts or both. Because it's an unflavored, easy-to-mix powder, you can stack it with just about anything. Now GLYCOMAIZE is available in an economy-sized 75 serving container to keep you going strong even longer.
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