Better Tasting & Less Filling

With literally hundreds of diet books currently in print, there's no shortage of weight loss strategies. Here's one that focused on how food tastes. It's a novel approach, because food restriction was not involved.

Researchers from Chicago's Smell & Taste Research Foundation divided 2,436 overweight or obese volunteers into two groups. One continued exercising and dieting as they had been. The other group did the same, but was provided with flavored crystals called tastants. There were savory tasting salt-free choices as well as sweet tasting sugar-free options. At the end of 6 months, the tastant-sprinkling group lost 15% of their body weight and an average of 30.5 pounds per person.

The Bigger Picture: Scientists aren't sure if this approach worked so well because the flavored crystals made healthy foods like vegetables taste better, or because the crystals tricked metabolisms into feeling fuller, thereby restricting food intake. In the end, it really doesn't matter. The only question is if this approach would be equally effective for more than 6 months.
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