Muscular Gelatin Dessert Stack

Ever added soda to instant gelatin to pump in some extra zip? We're sure you've tossed in some fruit at one time or another. Try adding a scoop of Tropical Punch, Banana Cream or Delicious Strawberry 100% Whey Gold Standard to your next batch of the sugar-free instant variety. Just follow the package directions and stir in the whey right before it goes into the fridge. This break from the ordinary can be a tasty new way to get more muscle-building amino acids in your diet.

The Bigger Picture: While the tropical flavors of 100% Whey Gold Standard are better matched to gelatins, you can add chocolate, vanilla and other more 'dessert-like' flavors to a similarly flavored pudding mix. Just make sure it's sugar free and low calorie to keep your efforts in the gym on track!

100% Whey Gold Standard In
1 Cup Unsweetened Gelatin

25 Grams of Protein
8 Grams of Carbohydrates
115 MG of Sodium
133 Calories

100% Whey Gold Standard
In Typical Low-Cal Pudding

25 Grams of Protein
10 Grams of Carbohydrates
389 MG of Sodium
156 Calories
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Jul 27, 2008
how many time should i use perday?
1)that day i have go 2 gymn room
2)i dont go 2 gymn room
Oct 05, 2011
I'm out of leugae here. Too much brain power on display!