Creatine Also Boosts Brain Power

Strength athletes have been using creatine for decades because of the way it supports muscle size and strength gains. Numerous studies back this claim. Now, recent research published in the journal Neurobiology of Aging suggests that creatine supplementation might also strengthen brain function.

Your brain uses around 25% of the sugar burned by your body for energy, along with 20% of your oxygen. Scientists theorized that creatine connects with an energy-rich string of atoms to boost cognitive function. This end result was compared to the short-term effects of caffeine.

The Bigger Picture: Although it was not suggested that anyone supplement with creatine strictly for brain health, a correlation between cognitive function and creatine supplementation has been suspected for years. It's a well-established fact that exercise improves brain function, so it stands to reason that this popular sports supplement may also play a role in boosting brain power.
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Tym Blanchard
Nov 14, 2008
A double-blind, placebo controlled experiment a few years ago found significant increases on an intelligence test (Raven's) when subjects were given creatine for a few weeks.
Josiah Cave
Nov 15, 2008
Thats well good!!
ive heard so much bad stuff abaout creatine, but all the things im hearing about it now makes me want to get on ASAP
Ankur Gupta
Jan 09, 2009
dis is vry gud for r body.....
Nov 09, 2011
This article achieved exactly what I wnaetd it to achieve.