John Hansen Is A Hall Of Famer

Mr. Natural Olympia John Hansen, host of, is well known throughout the natural bodybuilding community. A 2-time winner of the Natural Mr. Universe competition, John has competed in over 40 bodybuilding contests over the years, beginning when he was still a teenager. On November 8th, all this hard work was recognized with his induction into the Natural Bodybuilding Hall of Fame. The fact that this 1st Annual event took place on the same night as the Natural Olympia Championships made it all the more memorable.

The Bigger Picture: It just goes to show that if you work hard at something, give it your all day after day, you'll be both recognized and rewarded. You may not become a hall of famer like John. But, for most people, it's enough to hear someone in the gym say, "Man, you're in terrific shape."
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Dec 06, 2008
John is doing a terrific job promoting drug-tested contests here in the Chicagoland area. Finally, a well-run physique contest promoted by someone who knows what he is doing, loves our sport, and desires to help the contestants, rather than lord it over them! Long may he run!