Clementine & Whey Recovery Shake

Whether it's cardio day or just a hankerin' for something refreshingly new, mixing up a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream flavored Gold Standard 100% Whey with pure Clementine Tangerine juice provides a power punch of flavor and fast carbs. All you need's a shaker cup, or just a glass and spoon. The whey is Instantized to stir into 8 fluid ounces of cold Clementine juice effortlessly.

The Bigger Picture: What starts with 24 grams of protein, with whey protein isolates as the primary source, gets kicked up more than a notch with 200% of the Recommended Daily Value for Vitamin C and an impressive 420 mg dose of muscle contraction fueling potassium. We think you'll also enjoy the tart tangy taste. Give it a try post-workout for muscle recovery and glycogen replenishment.

Clementine & Whey
Shake Nutritionals

Calories: 230
Protein: 26 Grams
Carbohydrates: 32 Grams
Fat: 1 Gram
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