Flavor & Performance In The Mix

Variety is the spice of life. It can serve as a powerful change agent too. You've probably experienced first-hand how making a few changes in your workout routine becomes the catalyst for meeting ambitious goals. Now what about your favorite protein shake? Live a little by experimenting with the multitude of tried and true recipes at OptimumSmoothie.com. You'll find that enhanced flavor isn't the only potential payoff.

Whatever personal goal you're working toward, whether it's building muscle, losing fat, getting in better shape or improving sports performance, there are more than a few shakes that'll fit even the most specific requirements at OptimumSmoothie.com. Search the database selecting a wide range of attributes including weight gainers, diet drinks, low-carb shakes, breakfast meal replacements and fruit flavors. You can even search by shake colors and ingredients, combining different keywords in an advanced search feature that's designed to help you come up with your own personal pick for protein perfection.

Can't contain your enthusiasm for one particular shake recipe? Let your thoughts be known to the OptimumSmoothie.com community of shake makers. Our 5-star rating system lets you sound off on any and every smoothie. Think you can do better than the best shake out there? Add your recipe to our database, complete with a digital image of the finished product. OptimumSmoothie.com automatically calculates the calorie, protein, carbohydrate and fat content of every shake that's posted. So if you're curious about anything you've put in a blender or shaker cup, here's your chance to get the facts. Nutritional facts, that is.

In the 'About" section of OptimumSmoothie.com, you can download the free e-book Phenomenal Protein Shakes Made Easy. It'll help you become an absolute master of mixology with tips on shaker cup and blender use, balancing performance with taste, protein shake timing, finding the freshest ingredients, even a condensed tutorial on marco- and micronutrients. Try baking up a batch of the Oats & Whey Banana Muffins listed in the Beyond Smoothie chapter! You'll never be at a loss for new and interesting ways to work more protein into your diet.
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Michael Hernandez
Sep 23, 2009
Hey What the hell, You guys know much 45lb plates are!!!!
Because of product(Pro-Complex) I'll have to buy more weights almost every other week. I'll losing fat and gaining alot of learn muscle mass. What a great product!!!!