TV Really Is A Vast Wasteland

Back in 1961, then Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission Newton Minow referred to television programming of the day as a "vast wasteland." Whether or not the quality of TV shows has improved is a matter of debate. But a study of 19 year olds in Finland is a testament to TV's negative impact on muscular fitness.

Researchers had 381 males and 493 females record daily physical activity (moderate to vigorous intensity) and TV viewing habits. Regardless of their levels of physical activity, subjects who typically watched 2 or more hours of television per day exhibited lower levels of muscular fitness.

The Bigger Picture: Whether or not the avid TV watchers over-reported the extent of their daily physical activity, spending 2 or more hours every day laying on a couch in front of the flickering box says a lot about lifestyle habits. If these teenagers had more energy, they'd be expending it outside or in a gym.
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