Spice Up Your Workout

People who've been training for years know the value of rearranging their workouts every 6 to 8 weeks. Bodybuilders call it the principle of muscle confusion. Because your muscles are programmed to adapt to the stress of training, you have to 'confuse' them with different levels of resistance (weight) or volume (set + reps) if you want them to continue developing. Changing the order and types of exercises performed is another effective muscle confusion strategy.

More subtle changes can be made by fine-tuning your post-workout nutrition. Adding fast carbs to your protein shake after cardio training is a valuable stacking solution for replenishing the glycogen burned during exercise. Some studies suggest that spicing up your shake with curcumin might help with fat burning while fighting inflammation. A powerful anti-oxidant, curcumin might have the potential to help relieve joint and muscle pain.

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