80:20 Rule For Building Endurance

If your New Year's resolution is to finish a springtime 10k race or triathlon stronger, try training by the 80:20 rule. That's what a Norwegian study published in the sports research journal Sportscience suggests. They found that the most effective way to develop endurance was when 80% of your training involves prolonged submaximal exercise like jogging at a good pace. The remaining 20% of your workout should then be performed with near-maximum intensity.

The Bigger Picture: Athletes have been engaged in various forms of interval training for more than a century, and this 80:20 rule is just another variation on that theme. If there's a chance that it'll help you achieve your goals, then it's certainly worth experimenting with especially if doing so initiates a much needed change in a stale workout structure. When it comes to physical development, making changes every 6 to 8 weeks can produce favorable results.
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