New Way To Build 6-Pack Abs

The typical approach to developing that coveted abdominal 6-pack has always been high reps with light resistance. We're talking lots of sit ups and crunches. But you wouldn't build biceps by curling a broom stick hundreds of times, so why take this approach for abs? That's a question analyzed in the latest edition of the NSCA's Performance Training Journal.

The article debunked two popular gym myths: 1) That spot fat reduction is possible, an idea countered by the fact that fat does not turn into muscle or vice versa. Fat can only be reduced through diet and exercise, and only across the entire body, not one specific area. 2) That muscles can be 'toned' through exercise. The fact is muscles can either grow (hypertrophy) or shrink (atrophy). You can't change their structure or shape.

True Strength Moment: The NSCA's journal article suggests that abdominal muscle development should be approached the same way you'd work on any other muscle or muscle group: Progressive resistance. The author suggests cable rope crunches, hanging abdominal raises with a dumbbell secured between your legs, cable rotations and seated abdominal crunches. See what some resistance can do for your 6-pack.
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