2:1:1 Recovery
Gets you back in the race faster

As an experienced runner, you know that what you eat and when you eat it can dramatically affect performance. To quickly replenish muscle glycogen burned during intense training or competition while supporting muscle mass, Optimum Nutrition's easy to mix 2:1:1 Recovery powder breaks protein and carbohydrate macronutrients down into very precise ratios of superior ingredients.

While waxy maize starch, glucose, sucrose and fructose can all help restore the glycogen your muscles burn for fuel, ON's 2:1:1 formulation is designed to enhance the overall speed of recovery. This rapid replenishment action is supported by fast, intermediate and slowly digesting proteins delivering amino acids to promote comprehensive muscle recovery. It's the end result you're looking for after a long, hard run.

Breaking down our advanced formula for 2:1:1 Recovery
How the 2:1:1 ratio works to help your body recover faster

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