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Our Team

 Alex Ineson

Personal Trainer
Hometown: Gold Coast, Australia

Back in 2007, I started working out and navigating the complex world of nutrition and training. I had just finished high school, and at 6’2 and under 70kg, all I wanted was to gain weight and improve my appearance! This quickly evolved into something much deeper than aesthetics. My passion for nutrition and training techniques grew immensely, and in turn, I was driven to build a healthy, well-rounded physique and gain university-level qualifications in nutrition and human biology. 

In 2013, I became a personal trainer, and opened my own gym later that year. I have now transitioned into the exciting world of online fitness coaching, expanding my reach, and helping people all around the world! 

I love the endless possibilities to optimise both nutrition and training, and the transformative power this can have in every aspect of people’s lives. I find nothing more satisfying than participating in the continual process of learning, sharing knowledge, and seeing others progress!