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Elite Recovery 2IN1

  • Chocolate Flavour
  • 32 g of protein and 50 g of carbs
  • Helps replenish glycogen and re-build muscle fibres post-workout
  • Chocolate flavour
  • Banned substance tested

Product Overview

Repair and rebuild with Elite Recovery 2in1

What you consume has the potential to dramatically impact performance, because not all nutrient combinations have the same efficacy. OPtimum Nutrition Elite Recovery 2in1 is based on the latest science demonstrating that blending different types of carbs and proteins maximises absorption and leads to better results than the use of larger amounts of any single type.

Hydrolysed whey, micellar casein, and egg albumen proteins provide immediate and sustained amino acid delivery for repair and rebuilding while the precise ratio of simple sugars and rapidly-digesting carbs in Elite Recovery 2in1 helps refuel and replenish hard-working muscles. And with 5 grams of added BCAAs in the proven 2:1:1 ratio of Leucine to Isoleucine to Valine to stimulate muscle protein synthesis, there's no question that Elite Recovery 2in1 is an indispensable part of every serious athlete's routine.


  • 32 g of Protein 

  • 50 g of Carbs

  • 5 g Creatine Monohydrate

  • 5 g Glutamine

  • 2.3 g HMB

  • 1 g Electrolytle Blend

  • Helps replenish glycogen and re-build muscle fibres post-workout

  • Banned substance tested

Suggested Use

Enjoy 15-60 minutes post-exercise.

Nutritional Information

Nutritional information will be shown when a flavour and/or size is selected.

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