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Lean Whey

  • Sugar Free Whey - A Category first
  • Less than 90 calories per serving.
  • Less that 1 g of carbs per serving

Product Overview


Optimum Nutrition understands that it is important to limit sugar intake when leading a healthy diet and lifestyle. Our new Lean Whey is made from the highest quality Whey Protein Concentrate. It comprises 17g of high quality protein, less than 92kcal per serve, less than 1g carbohydrate and less than 2g fat per serve, this is truly a lean product in every sense of the word.

Suggested Use

Mix 23.1 g (~2 level scoops) with 140 ml of cold water. You can also add a serving to smoothies, protein balls, muffins, porridge or other meals as another great way to get a protein hit in the kitchen.

Nutritional Information

Nutritional information will be shown when a flavour and/or size is selected.

Customer Reviews

Overall Rating (4.7)
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Lean Whey

Review by Anonymous on Dec 4, 2022
Great powder, easy to mix and taste Great definitely recommend

Literally guilt free tastiness.

Review by Ashley Mcgee on Oct 26, 2022
It's tasty, it's protein, you drink it. Need I really say more. When mixing add just a small amount of water at first, stir till it's thick and then add more water. I would recommend this to just about anyone, even if I hated them I would be like "dude I hate your face but this stuff is pretty good" =)


Review by Sundeep Prakash on Oct 23, 2022
Fantastic product and a product I will be ordering on a regular basis .

Tasty yet lean

Review by Mrs B on Sep 21, 2022
I really liked the natural taste of this. I don't usually go for lean whey but this is going to be a monthly purchase

Best protein

Review by Olivia on Sep 15, 2022
I've tried dozens of different protein powders and bought this on a whim in Holland and Barrett. It's the best one I've tried - mixes so easily, never lumpy, nice natural flavour (I hate sweeteners), and doesn't coat your mouth like some do. I'd definitely recommend... we're already on our third bag!

Good Stuff

Review by Lauren on Mar 18, 2022
Exactly what it says, high protein low calories. Definitely goes better with Milk, I’d rate them as chocolate, strawberry then Vanilla in terms of taste (nicest to ok). My only gripe with it is I wish the bags were bigger or they offered a range of sizes.


Review by Kim on Jul 23, 2021
Lots of protein and low sugar and calories. Vanilla is the best, chocolate ok.

Good product overall

Review by Leandro Rowies on Jul 2, 2021
This is the only protein powder I'd keep taking, to be honest

So Good

Review by Kim on Jun 17, 2021
I have tried lots of protein powders, and I've never stuck with any of them. Either taste bad, don't mix well, too much sugar and calories etc. But the Lean Whey ticks all the boxes, tastes lovely mixed with almond milk and frozen strawberry & banana. This is definitely my favourite, the chocolate is nice too but vanilla is yum.

Wish I had bought 2 at a time

Review by Jolie Niland on Mar 17, 2021
Went with the vanilla for certain recipes and wow! It made my banana bread taste so much better than if I used another brand. Its also delicious in a smoothie with avocado, spinach and a spoon of peanut butter....believe me, I tried the smoothie without the powder and it was so bland but with the powder...delicious!!! Wish I had bought 2 at a time as I'm already out :(