Product Overview
Support Weight Gains With OPTIMUM NUTRITION SERIOUS MASS The ultimate ready to mix weight gain formula. Serious weight gain requires serious calories. However, for many aspiring to be bigger, a highly active metabolism, weaker appetite and on-the-run lifestyle can make it challenging to consume enough calories from whole foods alone. In such instances, Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass is the perfect supplement to a food-first diet.
• 1,250 calories - to contribute to daily calorie intake • 50g protein - supporting muscle growth in conjuction with an appropriate resistance training programme. • Over 250g carbohydrates - contributing to the recovery of normal muscle function (contraction) after intense and/or prolonged physical exercise that leads to muscle fatigue and the depletion of glycogen stores in skeletal muscle • 3g Creatine - increases physical performance in successive bursts of short-term, high intensity exercise • 25 vitamins and minerals • Informed Sport certified
Suggested Use
Mix 2 heaped scoops with 710 ml of water. Enjoy post-workout and between meals.


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