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Repair after training

Replenish and repair your body after an intense training session using post-workout shakes, bars, and supplements to supp​​​​​ort the healthy rebuilding of muscle fibres.

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Consistency and recovery after training are essential to ensuring progression over time in the pursuit of your goal. After intense training sessions, your body needs to recover properly so that you can go again even harder next time. Add a post workout protein shake to your recovery routine to help rebuild and repair broken down muscle fibres. Gold Standard 100% Whey is the World’s #1* bestselling protein powder so up your game and put the best in the world to the test.


No matter the type of training, from cardio to weights, athletes know that they need to take care of their bodies after a tough session. Training breaks down muscle fibres but protein shakes and snacks are a convenient way to support your repair your muscles° and prime yourself for your next workout.

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