Daniel Banks

Quick Facts

6' 4

Tripoli, IA

Born and raised in Waterloo, IA, I grew up as the baby of 3 brothers. I followed my middle brother through his athletic career, participating in football and basketball. For years, I thought athletics was what everyone did. My brother did it and I thought he was cool. Athletics/sports came easy for me; I had that competitor mentality and strive to be the best.

Summer of '96 was my first time touching weights. My best friend had a weight set and at the time I believed he was the strongest 16 year old ALIVE!!! He was bench pressing 225 lbs for reps while I had issue bench pressing 135 lbs for a single. Weight training was a NEW world to me and I remember on that day, I wanted to be stronger then my best friend. Within months of weight training at 170 lbs, I put on 20 lbs of muscle and then I became stronger then my best friend. I didn't want to stop just there, I wanted to be the BEST, the strongest. The weight room became my second home. I entered my Sr. of high school at 190 lbs. During that time I watched my body transform along with my performance on the basketball court and football field, ultimately earning a football scholarship to the University of Northern Iowa. During my time at Northern Iowa, with intense weight training and meal plans, I put on 20 lbs of muscle within 5 years. After my collegiate career, I graduated with a degree in Criminology/Sociology and followed my childhood dream of becoming a Police Officer.

As a Law Enforcement Officer, my weight training helps me deal with the mental and physical challenges of my job. Weight training reduces my stress and keeps me in good physical condition to perform my job better. Rule #1 in Law Enforcement is to go home after your shift.

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