Jason Powell

Quick Facts

5' 9

Houston, TX


If you have an iron, I'll put it in the fire! I manage to keep my life's plate just over a double portion, it simply keeps me busy. As a father, husband, professional consultant for team and organizational development, professional natural bodybuilder, trainer, coach and mentor to many, I tend to enjoy the escapes of working out and training myself. The human body and its forms come easy to me. With all that stays on my plate, many in my inner circle think I will die trying to be a modern day Superman.

It all started through studying the martial arts for a lifetime. The forms, languages, cultures and ways of life of each art I studied. This and all its teachings eventually led me to a successful tour in the US Air Force and then back into the civilian life doing what I do today.
Throughout this journey, my life's work to be the greatest martial artist came to a quick halt due to a spinal problem, this spun me through a time of serious depression and forced me to rethink my life and what I was going to do from that point forward. I stumbled upon bodybuilding during a sort of rehab for my spine. I seemed to respond quickly to the resistance training and since my spine could deal with vertical pressure, I went with it! Over the first year, I went from a fit 170lbs to a lean, solid and full 195lbs!! It was obvious I had been under-nourishing myself over the previous years training in the martial arts.

This opened new doors for me and I blasted through them, I was going to prove to the world that one COULD reach the Olympia stage as a natural. I learned quickly that couldn't happen and changed my path to become the greatest natural bodybuilder. Knowing this was a tough road, I developed a solid network of support around me and focused on reaching out to others and helping them become better through positive changes in their health. This taught me more than I could have ever imagined!

Today, I am proud to be a lifetime drug free athlete, role model and mentor to my children and others, and to be a part of an amazing team with Optimum Nutrition.