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Caramel Coffee Cream Pie

20 min
30 min
  • 5 ON Protein Wafers
  • 120g plain greek yogurt
  • 175g Lite Whipped Topping
  • 8g instant coffee
  • 10g sugar free vanilla pudding mix
  • 2 TBSP (or 38g) Sugar Free Caramel Syrup


  1. Crush protein wafers until they are crumbs and place into pie pan. Massage into place until nice and even.
  2. Place in freezer for about 5 min. until crust firms up.
  3. Mix together greek yogurt, cool-whip, instant coffee, and pudding mix in a bowl until creamy consistency.
  4. Remove pie crust from freezer and pour mixture on top of the crust.
  5. Place the pie back into the freezer for about 5 min.
  6. Remove pie from freezer and finish with a drizzle of sugar free caramel sauce.