Omega-3s For Appetite Control

Omega-3s For Appetite Control The weight set point is the poundage your body is preconditioned to try and maintain. At some point, most diets trigger your metabolism's pre-programmed weight sparing mechanisms which are designed to preserve energy during times of famine. After the mechanism is tripped, the complexity and overlapping controls make it difficult to keep losing weight.

A study published in the Journal of Research in Medical Sciences suggests that diets high in fish and olive oils can help decrease appetite by stabilizing levels of the hunger hormone ghrelin while at the same time promoting blood sugar regulation.

True Strength Moment: It could be that omega-3 fatty acids have some influence over hormones and mechanisms that play a role in controlling appetite and metabolic rate. In any case, so-called 'healthy fats' contribute to numerous other functions in the body and make a much better choice at meal time than the saturated fats from red meat.
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