Portion Size Mind Control Trick

Portion Size Mind Control Trick After the holiday feasting ends, many Americans will be considering a diet. Regardless of the approach you take, satiety experienced as a feeling of fullness, is a key component to any diet plan. A study published in the journal PLoS One outlines a strategy you can use to promote satiety 2 to 3 hours after finishing a meal.

Using a deceptive soup bowl with a pump that could reduce or increase liquid volume without subjects knowing, researchers discovered that satiety lasts longer for people who believe they consumed a large portion, regardless of the amount they really ate. Of course, subjects who consumed a large portion felt full immediately after the meal. Two to three hours later, trickery caused subjects who consumed a smaller portion to feel like they'd eaten nearly twice as much.

True Strength Moment: Dieting is a test of willpower and, during months of avoiding all sorts of favorite foods, you're likely to experience moments of weakness. At the very least, trying to convince yourself that you ate more than you actually did might be a welcome distraction.
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