Measuring Knee Replacement Risk

Measuring Knee Replacement Risk If your ring finger and index finger are close to the same length, you could be more likely to need a total knee replacement later in life than adults with a greater length disparity between these digits. That's what a study published in the journal Rheumatology suggests, and the association was strongest for fingers on the right hand.

After determining the length ratio of index to ring fingers for 14,500 middle-aged Australians, researchers tracked their medical needs for 10 years. Finger length ratio was associated with knee replacement, but not hip replacement surgery.

True Strength Moment: Hormonal influences on bone and cartilage growth may factor into these findings, but it might be something as simple as sports skill. Previous studies have found a possible link between the length ratio of index and ring fingers to athletic ability. Using approved protective gear might help team sports athletes in the long run.
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