Stacking Beta-Alanine For Size

Maybe you've heard the buzz about how beta-alanine can help you work longer and harder in the gym. A new study out of the College of New Jersey found that experienced male weight lifters who supplemented with beta-alanine for 30 days could perform 20% more reps on 6 sets of squats with resistance set at 70% of their one rep max. That was compared to a group who supplemented with a placebo.

The Bigger Picture: Stacking a scoop of unflavored Threshold with your pre- or post-workout shake can help provide the kind of endurance boost you need to break through barriers and build more muscle size and strength especially when supported by a BCAA-packed fast-digesting protein like 100% Whey Gold Standard. You can also enjoy Threshold by itself in tangy Fruit Fusion flavor.

Suggested Product Timing
100% Whey 1st Thing AM
Fruit Fusion Threshold Mid-Morning
100% Whey & Unflavored
Threshold Post-Workout
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