Difference Between Night & Day

Whether you're looking for a quick pre-workout burst of essential amino acids to prime your muscles for growth, or kicking recovery into high gear right after training, rapidly digesting whey protein isolates and hydrolyzed peptides are an ideal choice. Especially when you're getting them in an incredibly consistent Gold Standard 100% Whey shake.

However, astute strength athletes know that there are times when a slowly digesting protein is more appropriate. Between meals is one example, when you want to keep feeling full longer. Right before bed is another, since your muscles do the majority of their repair and rebuilding while you sleep. Micellar Casein gels in the acidic environment of your stomach to keep that full feeling going and provides sustained release anti-catabolic support for night time supplementation.

The Bigger Picture: When you reach the next level of training, where diet becomes an even more crucial aspect of your size and strength goals, put the 24-hour protein coverage of ON's Gold Standard 24 Pak to work. Combining the strengths of best-selling Gold Standard 100% Whey and Gold Standard 100% Casein could be the next big thing in your program. Of course, you'll still have to choose between popular chocolate or vanilla flavors.
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