A Day's Worth Of Brain Food

Life is demanding, and succeeding means keeping your head in the game. You eat for performance in the gym, so why not try fueling brain power the same way? It's a fact that your brain, although it makes up just 2% of your body weight, requires 20% of your body's resting energy demands. Here are some tips that can boost mental performance by as much as 200%.

Coffee enhances short-term memory while working against the aging process. Just one cup can improve attention span and problem solving skills. Just don't overdo it. Blueberries improve cognitive processing while protecting your brain from free radical damage. Insist on fresh in season fruit or go with frozen. Unripe and unready blueberries don't pack the same antioxidant punch. Since Omega-3 fatty acids are the building block of brain tissue, Salmon is a great choice for thinking faster. Peppermint Tea has the power to boost alertness as well as ease feeling of anxiousness. Think about that before heading home during rush hour.

The Bigger Picture: Eating right impacts every aspect of your well-being, from weight management to physical energy levels and mental prowess. And don't forget about the exercise side of the equation. Keeping yourself in top physical condition with regular workouts can do as much if not more for boosting brain power. It's won't hurt your physique any either.
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