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Clear Protein - A refreshing Protein Experience

By Dr. Crionna Tobin, Phd, Optimum Nutrition, Head of Nutrition & Education

Key Learnings

  • Clear protein is a refreshing way to experience protein compared to traditional milky protein shakes.

  • Using high quality technology pea protein isolate is filtered to give you a clear, delicious fruity flavoured protein hit.

  • This refreshing 20g of 100% plant protein is the perfect fruity hit of protein to help you hit your daily protein targets and support your training goals.

  • Perfect for those seeking a light and juicy protein option for their shaker or to add to frozen freezer snacks to increase taste and protein content, and its plant based!

  • Interested in learning more about Clear Protein, the benefits it can provide you to support your training goals, whether you should use it and how you can use this fruity protein powder? Then, keep reading!


1. What is Clear Protein?
What are the benefits of Clear Protein?
 Who should choose Clear Protein?
How to use clear protein?
5. Practical messages to share with friends

Are you someone who wants a new refreshing way of increasing your protein intake? Then, Clear Protein is exactly what you’re looking for! Clear protein is a game-changing innovation certain to give you a different taste experience and mix up the way you consume protein. Using advanced filtration techniques, Clear Protein dissolves into a clear transparent liquid with a light refreshing taste when mixed with water, whilst still packed with high quality amino acids.

In this article we will delve deeper into the, what, why and how of Clear Protein, to help you decide whether this 20g of fruity flavoured protein is right to support your muscle goals.

Lime Sorbet

What is Clear Protein?

Optimum nutrition’s Clear Protein is a mouth-watering and refreshing way to get your protein hit! Pea- protein isolate is filtered using high- quality technology into a clear, transparent, and refreshingly fruity protein drink. These flavour profiles offer you an alternative to traditional milky protein shakes and are guaranteed to make your taste buds sing. With 20g of plant protein, Clear Protein is a light option to help you hit your daily protein intake and support your training goals.

What are the benefits of Clear Protein?

Clear protein is formulated with 20g of high-quality pea protein to provide you with an array of benefits.

- Provides the muscles with a fruity 20g hit of high-quality plant- based protein.
- It is 100% plant based and Vegan Society Approved.
- It’s a light and tasty option to increase your protein intake throughout the day to help you reach your protein targets and support your muscle goals.

Who should choose Clear Protein?

It is so refreshing, light and tasty that everyone should choose it! However, if we must be specific, it is a great option for;

- Many of us looking for a refreshing alternative to traditional milky protein shakes.
- Vegans or anyone looking to reduce their intake of meat or dairy or just want to increase their plant intake.
- Anyone who may have a little bit of a dodgy tummy after a whey protein shake. This 100% lactose free shake may be easier on your digestion.
- Those of us who are tired of drinking water and struggle to hit our daily fluid goals. Mixing a serving of Clear Protein with 600 ml of water is a convenient way to increase your intake of fluid while also helping to hit your daily protein goals.
- Lastly, Clear protein may be a great option for athletes in weight restricted sports, with 20g of protein, zero sugars and only 90 kcal per serving.

How to use Clear Protein?

Clear protein’s light fresh flavours can add zing and zest to many summer favourite recipes. Add it to slushies, iced-tea, homemade-popsicles, or frozen cheesecake to gets some extra protein and flavour into your day. Or simply shake it up or blend with ice for the ultimate refreshing summer protein hit.

Practical messages to share with friends.

Clear Protein is a game-changing refreshingly fruity plant-based protein hit.
It delivers 20g of high-quality plant-based protein to the muscles to support your performance goals.
A great option for anyone seeking an anytime refreshing protein boost to help hit their daily protein goals.
This protein hit is dairy and sugar free and 100% vegan friendly.


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