Guidelines reviews

At Optimum Nutrition we are always curious about our customers’ opinions. By reviewing products you don’t only do us a favour, you’re helping other customers as well!

Here are some tips for writing a good review:

  • Your review is to the point and about the product concerned
  • Please provide your opinion with facts
  • Your review contains at least ten words
  • Your review is written in English
  • Your review does not contain any claims*

Your review will not be published when:

  • It is not about the product concerned
  • It is not to the point
  • It contains contact details or URL’s
  • Other (web)shops are mentioned
  • It contains offensive language
  • It contains questions.

*Due to claims legislation and the enforcement of it by the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority, it is no longer allowed to include (medical) claims in product descriptions and in reviews. Examples of claims that are prohibited:

Medical claim: “I have been cured of…” Health claim: “I lost 5 kg in 1 week because of product x…”, “I feel more fit, my stamina has increased and I recover quicker.”

For questions you can contact our customer service.

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