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  • 5 Grams of Pure Creatine Monohydrate per Serving
  • Helps Support ATP Recycling for Explosive Movements
  • Zero Calories & Zero Carbohydrates

Product Overview


Creatine monohydrate has been extensively studied and shown to help support muscle building, strength and recovery when used consistently over time in conjunction with a healthy, balanced diet and regular weight training.



  • 100% Pure Creatine Monohydrate

  • 5 Grams of Pure Creatine Monohydrate per Serving
  • Helps Support ATP Recycling for Explosive Movements
  • Micronized for easy mixing
  • Banned Substance Tested

Suggested Use

Mix one rounded teaspoon of the Micronized Creatine powder into a protein shake or glass of your favorite flavored beverage. Then mix with a spoon. Intended for use in healthy adults and as part of a healthy, balanced diet and exercise program.

Nutritional Information

Nutritional information will be shown when a flavour and/or size is selected.

Customer Reviews

Overall Rating (4.7)
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It is as advertised

Review by Marko on Sep. 16, 2021
The only problem I have with it is that it does not come with a doser.

Solid product

Review by Hawkman on Sep. 12, 2021
Optimum nutrition is my go to for most things as quality is great across the board.

Good product overall

Review by Isa alshater on Sep. 6, 2021
This is my first time using a Creatine supplement .. most important point for me no side effects from my body ..happy with the product and the results

Very Good

Review by Kevin on Aug. 27, 2021
I have been using ON creatine for about three weeks and my recovery has been better, strength has increased and actually my energy levels have increased also.


Review by Craig T Reichel on Aug. 27, 2021
Excellent product, 1/2 tbsp for perfect portion. Works as advertised and dissolves really well in 8oz of milk. It arrived quickly and the price on the 400 servings container is hard to beat.

Very good

Review by Vincent Stancato on Aug. 2, 2021
I’ve notice I recover a little bit quick getting and my muscles feel a little harder whilst using ON creatine mixed in with my gold standard whey after a workout.


Review by Alexandre GDM on Jul. 30, 2021
Very Usefull and really tasteful ( Apple Peach ).

Best Product

Review by Sagar Pandya on Jul. 27, 2021
I use almost a 2 weeks and i see the strength changes with the lifting

Top Tier

Review by Brandon L on Jul. 10, 2021
I've been ordering this creatine since biotest nerfed their size, increased their price, and stopped advertising that it was German Micronized Creatine. After a little internet sleuthing, ON Creatine appeared to be 100% legit with non-China sources.

Good Creatine

Review by Zac C on Jun. 30, 2021
Been using it for years!