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Build muscle and support recovery with convenient, high quality protein powders, shakes and snacks.


Optimum Nutrition's Gold Standard 100% Whey™: #1 whey protein since 1998, fuels muscle growth & repair. #1 worldwide.
GOLD STANDARD 100% Isolate
Gold Standard 100% Isolate™ protein is ultra-filtered for pure perfection. Just 0.3g sugar, 0.4g fat per serving. Max results, minimal ingredients.
Serious Mass
Fuel muscle growth with Serious Mass™ shakes, packing 1,267 kcal each. Elevate your training with serious gains and unbeatable taste!
Gold Standard Gainer
771 kcal per serving, 50g whey protein isolate, premium carbs - the pinnacle of weight gain nutrition.
Gold Standard 100% Plant Protein
Top-tier vegan protein: 100% plant-based, full amino acid profile. Ideal for plant-powered muscle support and repair.
Gold Standard 100% Casein
Gold Standard 100% Casein™, the original casein protein powder, for overnight muscle support and repair.

Why Optimum Nutrition Protein?

We believe you get out what you put in – which is why we only use high quality ingredients to give you a range of protein powders to consistently support your muscle growth and repair. This includes the World’s #1 bestselling whey protein*, Optimum Nutrition’s Gold Standard 100% Whey™, fuelling billions of workout recoveries since 1998.


What are the benefits of protein?
Protein is an essential nutrient that we can’t live without it. We are literally made of protein, it forms part of your skin, hair, nails, organs, bones and muscle, while doing so much more in the body. And guess what, your body is constantly creating and breaking down protein and you can’t store it, so you need to eat high quality protein every day to keep you healthy! Also, whether your training goal is to increase fitness, flexibility or strength protein, will provide the muscle with the building blocks it needs to support your fitness goals. Increasing your protein intake on training days will support your body’s ability to repair your muscles after training, helping you achieve better training results.
What is why protein?
Whey protein is sourced from milk, is rapidly digested and is packed with essential amino acids — which are the building blocks of protein. This means, compared to other protein sources, it is effective for supporting your training goals, whether that is repairing your muscle after training or supporting its growth along with your strength training programme. It may also support weight loss as it helps you feel fuller so you are less likely to overeat, which indirectly may reduce your calorie intake. It’s also convenient way of getting high quality protein into your diet to help you hit your daily protein goals.
How much protein do I need every day?
How much protein you need daily is based on your age, weight and how intense or often you exercise. The current recommended daily intake for someone who exercises is between 1-2g/kg body weight. Those who exercise regularly should aim to eat about 1.6g/kg body weight, that means if you are 70 kg (70 x 1.6) you need 112g protein daily. This extra protein will ensure your body has the correct building blocks to support your muscles growth and repair. If your goal is to increase lean muscle mass you need even more protein to support your resistance training programme and should aim for approximately 2g/kg body weight. Hitting higher protein intakes can be challenging and although we always advise ‘food first’, it is not always possible to hit your daily protein requirements from food alone. In this instance a protein shake is a tasty way to get high quality protein into your diet, helping you hit your daily protein targets. Also, a protein shake is convenient and may be a much better option than a chicken breast straight after training!
Which protein is best for me?
There are so many different types of protein shakes out there that it is hard to know which one suits your goals. Each shake has its own unique benefits which are important to understand so you can choose the right one for your lifestyle. Whether you want, the world’s #1 selling whey protein powder*, a high-quality plant protein powder or a delicious tasting protein bar we have you covered. Check out our range and more articles on which protein is best for you throughout our site.
Will taking protein make me bulky
There is a misconception that protein increases muscle bulk, particularly among women. This is totally untrue, your genetics and your strength training programme dictates how much muscle you build, protein only supports this training.