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  • Boost your energy, focus, muscle support, recovery & hydration anytime, anywhere
  • 100 mg of Caffeine per Serving from Coffee Bean and/or Tea Leaf
  • 5 Grams of Amino Acids
  • 405-410 mg of Electrolytes
  • 5 to 10 Calories Per Serving with Zero Sugar

Product Overview


Mix up ESSENTIAL AMIN.O. ENERGY + ELECTROLYTES anytime you want a boost of energy, muscle recovery and electrolyte support. Each serving provides 100 mg of caffeine from natural sources to support energy and focus along with 5 grams of amino acids for muscle recovery support—plus electrolytes to help replace what’s lost through sweat.


  • Boost your energy, focus, muscle support, recovery & hydration anytime, anywhere

  • 100 mg of Caffeine per Serving from natural sources (Coffee Bean and/or Tea Leaf)
  • 5 Grams of Amino Acids for Muscle Recovery Support¹
  • 405-410 mg of Electrolytes per Serving to Help Replenish What's Lost With Sweat (when taken with at least 300mls of water)
  • 5 to 10 Calories Per Serving with Zero Sugar
  • Available in convenient on-the-go ready-to-drink options or powder forms.

Suggested Use

Mix about 2 scoops into 330 ml of cold water and mix. Consume first thing in the morning, before exercise, as an afternoon pick-me-up or any time of day.

Nutritional Information

Nutritional information will be shown when a flavour and/or size is selected.

Customer Reviews

Overall Rating (4.9)
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Did not expect anything, was not disapointed

Review by Marko on Sep. 16, 2021
I was looking for a product that can sustain my work in practice, so far I do feel a benefit in energy levels, not being sleepy but unsure if it is placebo or not. Tangerine flavor is really nice.

Benefits of Aminos with Electrolytes

Review by Allan S Gastwirth on May 24, 2021
I have tired the different varieties of ON Aminos and have found this one to be the best for me. I drink it during my workout which helps me maintain my energy, but then on a weekend day or one in which I didnt workout, having a scoop in one of my afternoon water bottles gives a nice boost of energy that I can definitely feel. Really appreciate the benefits of this product.

Great product

Review by Paul Gi on May 15, 2021
I was very skeptical about this product but I wanted to get off coffee cuz I had too much cream and sugar. I started using this in the morning just two scoops and I have energy all day no real big highs and no crashes just level even energy and I was extremely pleased and surprised that it worked that well. I told a friend about it that takes medication that always makes him tired and he used to drink 6 cups of coffee a day to keep himself awake he has started using this and he has the same results as me now and he was pretty amazed as I was


Review by Tasha Markel on May 8, 2021
This is one of my favorite flavors. It tastes so good for pretty much no calories. They energy you get from this Is amazing. I highly recommend.


Review by TC on May 6, 2021
Genuinely enjoy this product. The AMINO blend is stable energy that lasts w/ zero jitters, and the electrolyte blend is a great touch. The tangerine flavor is my favorite, highly recommend.

Surprisingly good!

Review by Jessica on Apr. 21, 2021
Tangerine is my favorite flavor, The amount of focus and energy i have after this week (I take in the morning) Ive decided to stop drinking coffee! Its actually kind of insane how amazingly straightforward this get my mindset into for the day!

I love this

Review by ashlv on Mar. 25, 2021
I love the watermelon, not sure on the other flavors but I like that I am getting 3 benefits in one- bcaa's for recovery, energy and electrolytes. I sip while I spin and take dance classes. Its perfect. Would love a bigger size!!!