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Some Tips on Returning to the Gyms

With restrictions lifting around the country, many people are very excited to be able to return to the gym in particular. A sudden increase in exercise intensity or duration can create some issues so managing this time is key as a personal trainer.

Take It Slow

Please don’t expect your clients to return to training at the same level of fitness as the last time you trained them. People will have managed their fitness differently during this time. As we know, periods of inactivity can potentially lead to deconditioning. Examples of this may be decreases in muscle, physical function and general reductions in fitness levels. Improving fitness and body composition takes time and we cannot really speed up the process. Take things slowly, warm up well and gradually reintroduce higher intensity training sessions. Don’t try to make up for lost time by flogging your clients. They will thank you for it!

Managing Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)

We are sure people did not miss the feeling of being sore after a workout! Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) usually peaks about 24-48hrs post session. DOMS is a completely normal reaction to physical exercise and resistance training in particular. It can be uncomfortable though, and may affect upcoming sessions. Overreaching or a more sudden increase in exercise intensity may contribute greatly to causing DOMS so personal trainers should factor in a person’s recent activity levels when designing training sessions.

Manage Expectations

Regressions in fitness levels can be disappointing for some; people put a lot of hard work into getting fit in the first place. Being supportive, managing expectations and setting realistic targets together with your clients is a great way to approach this time. Make his or her experience with you an enjoyable one and everyone wins together!

Ensure a Safe Environment

Please follow all of the health and safety instructions that are laid out for the facility that you work out of. Practice good hygiene practices and wipe down equipment in between clients. Talk to your client about how you can make the gym experience a safe and comfortable one for them.